History of EDL

Since its foundation, AEGEE has been engaged in projects related to languages and intercultural learning, therefore it was natural for our organization to be involved in the European Year of Languages that is celebrated, since 2001, under the patronage of different European institution, such as Council of Europe and European Union.

The idea of involving AEGEE in the celebration of the European Day of Languages was born in the beginning of 2001 and enriched during the workshop at Spring PM 2001 in Katowice to obtain a final shape after the Spring Agora 2001 in Constanza.

By celebrating the European Day of Languages, AEGEE promotes the rich cultural heritage of Europe and the linguistic diversity among Europeans. The project aims at motivating the European youth to learn different languages, by organizing simultaneous language courses and different types of language related events with broad media coverage all over Europe.

As EDL leaves a lot of room for creativity, the participating locals organize a great variety of language events. Most of the activities (e.g. seminars, courses, contests, language tandem, language fairs) can be found now in the Manual for Less Experienced Locals.

EDL History (2001-2005)

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