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Zografia Lepoura, AEGEE-Athina and AEGEE-München, Coordinator and Public Relations

Zografia Lepoura poster

Hello everyone! I am Zografia Lepoura from A-Athina and A-München and I am the new LIG Coordinator and PR Responsible! Languages have been a constant in my life, as I am studying Greek Philology and Linguistics, I (try to) learn different languages every year, have a huge passion for foreign literature and weird songs in any language you can imagine and I dream of a multilingual Europe where everyone will have at least basic knowledge of the other languages of our continent (one can dream right?) . Therefore I couldn’t resist being part of the moderators’ team once again for even more language related activities,after the awesomeness of 2017! I am looking forward to the challenges of this year – we have many new ideas, so keep an eye on us!

Supporting Moderators:

Iñigo Sesar, AEGEE-Bilbao, Project Manager

Inigo Sesar poster

Hello LIG members and followers! I’m Iñigo, 27 years old, and I’ve been a member of AEGEE-Bilbao since two years after it was created in the year when I started studying Industrial Engineering. Besides, I’ve been active in the Language Interest Group for about two years, but I’m still motivated about many language-related initiatives. I’m currently an Erasmus Mundus student in Australia, but I will return to Europe in June 2018. Since I was raised in a bilingual region with two official languages, I’m native bilingual in Basque and Spanish, but I also have an advanced level in two foreign languages (English and German) and an elementary level in two other languages.

I look forward to working on various fascinating projects in which LIG participates, improving guidelines and workshop materials, sharing interesting information about languages and discussing topics related to language rights, multilingualism, language barriers and language diversity. The wonderful atmosphere, awesome motivation and excellent relationship between active LIG members are the pillars for developing LIG’s potential to change Europe towards our vision.

Katerina Karanika, AEGEE-Berlin and AEGEE-Athina, Secretary and Human Resources

Katerina Karanika poster

Hello AEGEEans! I’m Katerina from AEGEE-Berlin, 21 y.o. and one of the Moderators of the amazing Language Interest Group! I study Greek Language and Literature in Athens, after completing one Erasmus semester in the contradictory city of Berlin. The reasons why I joined? Well, of course, my passion for languages combined with a perfect team and activities, both of which drew my attention from the moment I became a member of AEGEE. I speak Greek, English and German, while currently trying to learn French and Turkish. I think Spanish and Dutch are the next on my wishlist, but who knows?

I hope this year is going to be fruitful for all of us with many active members (hopefully many new people, too) and activities and of course even more passion and motivation to learn languages!

Feel free to contact the moderators any time!

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