How to organize an EDL event

It’s very easy to organise an EDL event and you can also organise an amazing event in your local, which will fascinate not only the members of your antenna, but also international students in your community! Here are the steps that you should follow:

Create the team

All what you need is a couple of motivated AEGEEans, some creativity, and a passion for languages. We recommend you to talk to your local board and create a team of at least two members of your antenna to organise the event. Although some activities don’t require a long preparation time, we recommend you to create the team of organisers at least 3 weeks before the event.

Pick the date

The European Day of Languages in AEGEE is celebrated in November every year. The exact date is announced by the Language Interest Group in the AEGEE community. However, it is not necessary to keep within this date, you are welcome to pick any other date which is convenient for you and your local. The activities of your event can take place on a single day, or be scattered on several days or weeks.

Choose the place

You can choose the place that you wish. For example, it can be a room at your university or youth centre, a gym, a bar, a park or even a videoconference platform. You might want to book the place in advance, in order to make sure that there will be space for all your participants.

Prepare the programme

In order to help you preparing the programme, the Language Interest Group has written some guidelines with plenty of ideas and tips, which you will probably find useful or inspiring.  We have collected different ideas for workshops, language games, and other exciting activities or challenges to celebrate the European Day of Languages. You will find more ideas and useful materials on the EDL website of the ECML. You can also use the Travel Dictionaries that we created for various languages.

Announce and promote your event

Once you have agreed on the programme, you should announce and promote your event. We recommend you to announce your event at least two weeks before the day of your event. You can use social media such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as traditional communication means such as posters and mailing lists in your university or local community. We encourage you to share your event in our Facebook group for the EDL, so that other locals get inspired by your programme. In addition, if you organise an online event or activity, please add it to the events calendar on MyAEGEE.

If you wish, you can contact us to request free materials to promote your local EDL event, such as posters, stickers and wristbands. If you are interested, you should request them at least three weeks before your event.

Give us feedback

After your event, please fill in the impact measurement form, so that we can estimate how many people participated in an EDL event and what were the results of the project. This is important, so that we can include these results in LIG’s Activity Report at the next Agora. If you took pictures during your event, we encourage you to share them in our Facebook group for the EDL or send them to us by email.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at May your EDL celebration be succesful, remarkable and bring lots of fun to you and all participants!

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