Language Survey

For a long time, some AEGEE members have wondered how many languages are used in AEGEE, how many languages does an average AEGEE member speak or how and where AEGEEans learn languages. In order to answer these questions and achieve some other goals, the Language Interest Group of AEGEE-Europe decided to conduct a language survey targeted at the whole AEGEE network.

Main goals of the survey:

  • Measure the use of languages within AEGEE and in the cities of AEGEE locals.
  • Assess the language skills, needs and attitudes of AEGEE members.
  • Evaluate how LIG and AEGEE help learning languages and promoting language diversity.
  • Adjust AEGEE events and initiatives to the language skills and needs of AEGEE members.
  • Use the results to develop a language policy strategy for AEGEE.
  • Make a list of recommendations for educational institutions, governments and EU decison-makers.
  • Create a toolkit with best practices for language management in AEGEE events and projects.

The language survey was conducted between November 2017 and July 2018, collecting over 350 responses from all over the Network. The preliminary results of the survey were presented in October 2018 during a plenary at Agora Istanbul and the final results booklet will be published before Agora Bucuresti.

You can find more information about the First Language Survey of AEGEE in this Drive folder.