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Ivan Bielik

Ivan Bielik



Country and city of origin:
Nova Bana, Slovakia


Personal interests: 
Literature, Sport (especially football), Academic debate.


"Democracy means discussion." 

- Tomas Garrigue Masaryk


Tamas Keller


Anastacia Petrushkova



Country and city of origin:
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Personal interests:  
Philosophy, International Politics and Relations, Cultural dialogue, Literature, Music & Photography.


"Politics is not an exact science." - Otto von Bismarck

Human Resources Coordinator

Cristos Gkagkas

Christos Gkagkas



Country and city of origin:
Volos, Greece

Personal interests:
Music, Books, Movies, Travels, Biking, Painting, Politics and Management.

"What matters is to remain human with values." - Katerina Gogou
("Σημασία έχει να παραμένεις άνθρωπος.")

Public Relations Coordinator

Ozgun Kaplama

Özgün Kaplama



Country and city of origin:
Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey


Personal interests:
Politics, Business, Theatre, Cinema, Civil Society & Volunteering, Psychology, Philosophy.

''Peace at Home, Peace on Earth'' -  Mustafa Kemal Ataturk