What are we working on?


We are posting articles on current political affairs on the official Blog once a week, giving the members an opportunity to comment and develop a discussion, expressing their own opinion.

Article/photo competitions

From time to time IPWG holds competitions, enabling our members to show their creativity. The topics usually deal with politics, whether it is an article or a photo.

Online debates project

Debates, carried out through MSN or Skype, during which a particularly controversial issue or affair is discussed. Members can influence the choice of the topic by suggesting one, or supporting one of the suggested by the board. For more information about the project, please visit our Debates project.

Training courses

They are targeted at young leaders and members that are either experienced in certain political matters or are willing to learn. Among the “classics” of IPWG these can be pointed out: Diplomatic Seminar, European Citizenship Training Course, Conflict Handling Training Course etc.

Action day

A day, during which a range of trainings, lectures and simulations take part in different locals across our Network, based on the same topic.


During Statutory events, IPWG holds workshops, which are targeted at different issues.

Extra statutory events

Those events are held in order to promote a fun and exciting approach to politics, for example, a politics knowledge quest that gives the members an opportunity to check what they know about international political affairs.

Even though we have a selection of planned activities, we always welcome new ideas and opinions!

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