The IPWG Blog

The IPWG is proud to announce the introduction of a new form of communication for IPWG members, AEGEE members and all other peoplepassionate about world affairs and international politics. We welcome everyone of you to express your opinions about the current and not so current issues and developments in the international arena. The blog is not supposed to outshine or marginalize the mailing list, instead it is planned as a tool or platform by means of which you will be able to share your views and stances with other people in a more user friendly way. An important feature that distinguishes this blog from the other ones on the web is that it is truly open. You are very welcome indeed to write posts concerning what is interesting to you and what at least roughly touches the IPWG fields of interest. You can enter the blog to write posts and comments in two very simple ways:

1. You can get a personalized account that will let you post on the blog. The procedure is very simple: Send your request with your name, surname andemail to and the IT team will set up an account for you.

2. You can also use a visitor account, with an extremely easy username: visitor and a password that follows suite: visitor.

The blog will also be an additional way of announcing progress and news concerning the workings and doings of the IPWG. Upon presenting the new IPWG board, we will extensively cover the new AEGEE flagship project "BeyondEurope - Perspectives for Tomorrow’s World", conceived by the great minds of IPWG. With the help of speakers and rapporteurs, we will bring you all the important information about the meetings and deliberations that took place etc.

Blog Moderator

Let me introduce myself, the new moderator of the IPWG blog (with the intention to also contribute some merit to the blog). My name is Marcin Artur Witkowski. I'm 24, Polish, student of International Relations. Recently admitted to the IPWG. Like most of you I'm hooked on news sources, always keen to understand how the world is changing and how we, young people can work to make it change for the better. I will try to do my best moderating the blog. I will stick to the principle of free speech and not delete posts, event the most controversial, unless someone trespasses on basic decency and starts a crazy rant about how we should kill all the jews, blacks etc. You know where I'm coming from.