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    News of the East - West Working Group

    At the Agora in Torino, a new Caucasus Project Team has been formed, a new EWWG Board has been elected, and the Twin Antennae project was presented to the plenary. See the minutes section to read more.

    During the Agora in Torino, workshops will be organised on the Twin antennae and Caucasus project.

    Basak, Nino and Theijs organised a succesfull workshop at the Planning Meeting in Aachen.
    Minutes can be found in the minutes section

    EWWG usues the following lists:
    EWWG-L for those interested in EWWG
    EWWG-Board-L for the board members
    Caucasus-L for the Caucasus CST
    CST-L for the Caucasus CST norganisers
    TWIN-L for the TWIN Antenna Project

    Theijs & Basak will give an intensive Workshop on the next PM in Aachen:
    "How to overcome the barriers between East and West?" Apply now!

    - 4 boardmembers have been been elected:
    * Speaker: Olga Bronnikova (Moscow)
    * Secretary: Nino Metreveli (Tblisi)
    * Treasurer: Theijs van Welij (Utrecht)
    * Public Relations: Basak Tuzun (Izmir)

    This board is not complete, we are still looking for:
    * Project responsible
    * Fundraiser
    * Local activities coordinator
    Interested? Please send an email to risana@yandex.ru.

    Open Call for boardmembers

    -After 7(!) years, the website has been updated.
    -40 interested AEGEE members from the workshop are added to the EWWG mailinglist.
    -EWWG has its revival, but needs for this a new board as well to coordinate the activities.
    Are you interested in becoming active on a European level? Please send an email to risana@yandex.ru.

    At the Spring Agora 2004, a workshop to brainstorm about the future activities was organised.
    If you are interested, or want to get active in EWWG, don't pass the minutes of this workshop, they are now aviable.

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