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European Day of Environment 2013

The EDE is coming!
The European Day of Environment is about to come and of course the EnWG won't let it pass unnoticed! The six weeks that the network will think about sustainability and has the chance to prove that they are sustainable will start with on the 22nd of April. This is the International Mother Earth Day and reminds us of the well being of the planet and the impact we as humans have on the planet. The EDE will last six weeks until the 5th of June. On the 5th of June it is the World Environment Day and the theme of this year is Think.Eat.Save, to raise awareness and do something about the huge amount of food we waste. So, now you have some background about the EDE, but the most important thing is to participate yourself!

Do you want to participate in the European Day of Environment 2013?
When: From the 22nd of April until the 5th of June
What: Take a picture while your local is doing or showing something sustainable & finish the sentence ”AEGEE-X is sustainable/thinks it is important to be sustainable because...”
Do you want to be the most sustainable local of the year? Then, submit a video/essay or something else to prove it!
Why: Your local will adorn our Wall of sustainability & be in the race for the most sustainable local of the year when you will submit a video/essay etc. to show it!
How: Send your application to enwg.aegee@gmail.com.

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