European day of Environment 2012


EDE 2012: What is GREEN for you?

EDE is an event that AEGEE promotes every year to support the local antennas to raise awareness on sustainability issues in the AEGEE style...having fun! Take you friends out for a ¨Green¨ day and educate them while having fun...this is the spirit of the EDE! Although, EDE 2012 have a brand new format which will still give the local antennas total freedom in developing their own activities, between the 22nd of April and the 5th of June, but at the same time We thought: Why not linking the antennas around Europe??? Why do not make the EDE an event to learn together first and transfer to others later???

What is GREEN for you??
This year YOU will be main characters of this event and We want you to give us ¨green¨ example in your city and learn what is ¨green¨ from the others

HOW can I answer??
EDE coordination is using the ¨PEARLTREES¨ system to build up a project that has to be developed from a network of participants including all the members that show interest. By using PearlTrees and with YOUR help We can grow up the European Tree of Sustainability For the 5th anniversary of the EnWG this tree will have 5 branches based on the following 5 Green Topics:

1) Energy
2) Waste (Recycling)
3) Food & Water
4) Transport
5) Lifestyle

The Aegee members who are interested in the initiative have to join the Pearltrees team and after approval of the coordination, start surfing the web to find green examples of your cities (possibly in english) and share with all of us!!!! These will represent the ¨Fruits of the Tree¨. The Fruits will be summarised and provided to each local antenna that will use this material during their ¨Green day out¨ to effectively raise awareness between all the members!!

Why should I do that??
  • You will co-operate with many antennas all around Europe!
  • Growing the tree may give you the chance to discover new things of your city and also learn new things from the others!
  • The outcomes of this campaign can be presentedwill be presented at many conferences on sustainability (e.g. Rio+20) by the Aegee representatives.
  • Another way to enjoy something in a Green Aegee style!

Want to join EDE2012??
Nothing is more simple that that! We are ready to start and only waiting for you!!

STEP 1: Contact the EDE2012 to share your ideas with us, to ask questions or more info and to officially register your antenna for the EDE2012.

STEP 2: join our page on Facebook: AEGEE - EDE 2012

STEP 3: Decide to which green topic you want to contribute and ¨team up¨ on Pearltrees!

STEP 4: Surf the internet, find green examples of your cities related to the 5 GTs and....pearl them!!! Be GREEEN and spread the green AEGEE spirit among Europe by organizing the event.

For any enquires contact us

Davide & Diana
EDE 2012 Coordination


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