Materials for locals

You can find lots of useful information and tips for organizing your perfect EDL on the web-page of Council of Europe’s EDL here.

There are some materials for download as well. Check it out here.

The European Commission Representation in the UK has created a booklet “Language take you further” with examples of the many languages spoken in Europe to show how much fun language learning can actually be. There you will find some phrases and words in different European languages that might be useful for your successful event. The audio-version of this booklet you will find here. It may help you with right pronunciation of the foreign words.

Last but not least, the Language Interest Group has prepared guidelines for you, where you can find ideas for organizing an EDL in your antenna. Get inspired!

The LiG is happy to answer your questions and will try to assist you the best way we can. May your EDL celebration be successful, remarkable and bring lots of fun to you and all participants!




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