Dear Network

The new board of the Education Working Group proudly announces that EWG is
ready for takeoff! We’’ve come back to life and what is more, we are going to try to wake
you up as well! After getting the ““blessing”” from our beloved CD, we are even more
motivated to show you that higher education is still one of the priorities of AEGEE!

So, be prepared for the Higher Education Days across Europe and check your
agendas, because we need your help on that! You might be asking yourselves right now
what are we talking about…… well, organizing a series of events in as many locations as

During these days students could meet education experts, European education
policy makers, politicians and Media representatives, to discuss their problems in the
higher education system and strive for finding solutions to issues that directly concern
them. The discussions will aim to identify the main problems of the students, try to find
solutions for them and discuss with the policy makers how to implement them.

So, did we convince you yet to jump on board…… on the EWG board? Let’’s take the
challenge and shake our brains for our future education!

If you are interested in joining the Higher Education Days project, we are waiting for you
at until 9 May 2010!

Eagerly, Diana, Ugur, Celal, Adela Taking Innovation ON a higher level with the help of


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