In the autumn term we are going to evaluate the Cultural European Nights that have taken part during SUs or Summer Event. Please, notice that on this competition can participate Culturally based SU but also any other SU that will organize the CEN or summer event. Apart from the Autumn term, we will be also announcing the Spring term of the Award, that will be evaluating the best CEN that has taken place during the whole year but did not take part during the SU and summer event. The winners are going to be announced every Agora during the Cultural European Night.
What are the requirements to attend the CEN Award:
1) Send an email, as soon as possible, with the name of your Antenna and SU topic to
2) Organize CEN and make a documentation of the happening during the CEN
What we need from you:
a) original and informal ‘uncultural’ photo taken during the CEN
b) photograph of the best table decoration
c) a record or a photograph of the best performance (song, dance etc.) or dress
3) Send all these requested photographs or records to until the 30th of September 2013, 23:59 CET.
All the candidates will be carefully considered and the winners will be announced during the CEN in Zaragoza 2013 and their records from the CEN will be introduced during the CEN in the Agora. The winners will win a price and they will be also holders of the best CEN Award until the next Agora.
We are very looking forward for your attendance and contributions.
Yours culturally,
Dasha, Ksenia & Alice
The CEN Award Responsibles