Find here a list of suggestions to to make our streets and our societies more cultural regarding literature. You can also read here some experiences developed by our members!

  • Inside Out Project

This is a global art project transforming messages of personal identity into works of art. Through this website you can get your poster for free in order to paste it for the world to see your photo message. You can get inspired by this video.

  • Calendar

Create your own calendar with pictures of your members and your events. This can be used for fundraising as last year’s famouse sexy calendar of AEGEE-Sofia.

  • Exhibitions

Create photo exhibitions. Be original, paste them in the streets, hang them in the university corridors, ask a bar to let you do it there or even make a flashmob holding the pictures yourselves. The latter can be used to create awareness about a specific social issue or simply to promote your local or the SUs!

  • Faces

Take pictures of the faces of your members and… mmmhh, be original, think about what to do with them!

Just feel inspired, prepare any of our suggestions, or just share them with your members. As you see some of them will reach your whole city very easily! With a bit of effort, every month our cities will get more and more cultural.

Please, let us know at any moment, which actions you did, how it worked and some photos if possible. We’ll collect all your news and publish a catchy article to motivate and let the rest of the Network see that to have Culture Everywhere is possible!

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