Find here a list of suggestions to to make our streets and our societies more cultural regarding literature. You can also read here some experiences developed by our members!

  • Bookcrossing

It is about the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise, aiming to make the whole world a library.

Isn’t is amazing? Moreover it’s easy and at the same time you bring to life all these books that you have at home just taking dust for a long while. Can you imagine that thanks to your AEGEE local, more and more books start appearing in your city? If you want there’s even an international community tracking their trip:

  • Literatourism

Why not to prepare an alternative city tour, designed according to the life of writers of your city and they life or books whose story takes place in your city? This is a perfect way to re-discover your own city and to get new members!
In the same style: Is there any special book store or library on your city? Prepare a visit!

  • Book sharing

Prepare a meeting where each of you brings a book and share them. You can introduce a bit the story of it before one by one. You can count 1-2-3 and try to be fast, or put them all in a bag and get any… After a while you can repeat it, recover your book, share impressions, or share it again. An easy way to promote reading and share stories that made you dream. Consider making this event public!

  • Book box

Are you planning an event, or simply do it in your office. Place a box in a visual place where members/participants can leave books and take others in exchange. You should announce it in advance for your events, and ask them to bring them in English.

  • Public reading

Go to a public place (park, main street…) and read a short story, the chapter of a book, or just 1 hour. You could go next week to keep on reading and create a habit. Or even better, why not trying to convince a café/bar where you could do it now during winter? If you choose a good story, people would love to know more and more about it. ;)

  • Book club

Ask your members to read the same book for a month and then prepare a debate. Consider making this event public together with a café for example.

  • Perform the story of a book

This can be a funny way to make Erasmus students read a famous book of your country.

  • Guess-the-book night

Do you want to prepare a thematic night with content and full of stories? Divide the group in 2 teams, each of them will have to prepare a list of books on the spot. Later you will let one person of the other team know of the titles. This person will have to perform either the name of the title or the story of the book for his/her own team within 2 minutes, BUT just with mimics. Maybe a good cultural drinking game?

  • *Charity*

Leave a book next to a homeless person’s things. This might make them smile when discovering it and also give them some company.


Just feel inspired, prepare any of our suggestions, or just share them with your members. As you see some of them will reach your whole city very easily! With a bit of effort, every month our cities will get more and more cultural.

Please, let us know at any moment, which actions you did, how it worked and some photos if possible. We’ll collect all your news and publish a catchy article to motivate and let the rest of the Network see that to have Culture Everywhere is possible!

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