Cultures of Europe

The aim of this Cultures of Europe is to discover other cultures of Europe within our city, so that we break our stereotypes and we also make prejudices disappear from people out of AEGEE.

How? The idea is quite simple, you just need a place and “foreigners”!

You just need to organise an evening about an specific country or region. Book a room in your university or in any other place and contact your own members that come from other corners of Europe, Erasmus students from your city, associations for immigrants, etc… or yourself if you have been abroad enough time!

Ask them to explain to other people about their cultures, but of course we don’t want boring powerpoints! Let them share about funny cultural differences experienced during their stay in your city or explain the background behind the typical stereotypes people have about them, they can show some dances or teach them, they can offer some traditional food, or even cook it with all the people, show some pictures, some greetings and common phrases, a video or a song… BE CREATIVE! Let them prepare their own programme!

As you see this is something that can take just 2 hours, and that can easily attract people from your city and new members, because ideally this should be an open event. Besides, we are sure that if you repeat it every 2 weeks or every month, more and more people will come full of curiosity to learn about other cultures. And that’s also what AEGEE is about, isn’t it? Let people go deeper into other cultures.

We would like to collect afterwards all your stories and photos, not only to share them in the AEGEEan online magazine, but to gather new ideas and motivate other locals to go for it! If you are attracted by the idea or you will be one of our cultural locals, please drop us a mail at

Just give it a try!

If you want to check some of these events, click here.

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