Action takers


AliceAlice Bednářová (AEGEE-Brno)

Action: Cultural CalendarEN award and CEN.

“Culture is probably the most humane way of connecting people’s life, bringing understanding for another and opening various views. Living culturally, nevertheless, gives us a certain level of civilization and cultivation. However, with no culture there is no colourfulness in life. So what does  culture mean for me? For me as well as for other people enjoying international environment, music, art, learning foreign languages, meeting people, culture is a passion and way of living.” 


Anna Gumbau Martínez (AEGEE-Barcelona)

Action: Cultural maps.Cultural maps and Postcrossing.

“Culture means to me a part of our identity that we share with a certain group of people; it’s a bridge that can make us richer and understand each other beyond our differences and similarities.”




Danae Matakou (AEGEE-Athina)

Action: EN product book and Video library.

“Culture is the way you are brought up in a certain family circle/society  and the the customs and the habits you grow up with.It’s also the history and the language of your country being a part of you and your identity.”



Kristóf Papp (AEGEE-Budapest and AEGEE-Pécs)

Action: School books & Nationalism project.

“Culture is a strong bond between the people of a nation and between different nations. It helps us to understand our history, it defines our identity, it entertains us.”



Kamal Vasnani (AEGEE-Las Palmas)

Action: Cultural maps.

“Culture is the heritage that every person/family/nation has, in the widest sense. Traditions, language, customs, ways of living, believing and behaving. Something which is an essential part of each one of us individually, and as a group. It’s always evolving, yet still always unique. And the best thing, of course, is to know other peoples/nations culture, and share your own.”


Ola ZaleckaOla Załęcka (AEGEE-Toruń)

Action: EN product book.

“Culture has many meanings, but the most interesting for me is culture as a background  which influence ourself, our lifestyle, habits and customs.”


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