AEGEE-Kyiv – Months of Europe

Would you like to dive into the deepest traditions of European countries? Would you like to learn more about local customs that people use to do at specific times of … Continue Reading →


Quotes Calendar 2015

Quotes Calenadr 2015 is out!!! With the help of Erika, Inge and Sabina, CWG managed to put together one of our best quotes calendars ever! Thank you girls for all … Continue Reading →


December Stories are here!

Throughout December, CWG will present to you stories from around Europe about different ways of celebrating the holiday season. CWG members, and not only, have helped us prepare this project, … Continue Reading →


Textbooks in Europe should be a matter of debate

  “Do the textbooks we learn from in school reveal and shape national attitudes?” This was the title for the first online thematic discussion of the renewed Culture Working Group (CWG) … Continue Reading →


“Multiculturalism Is Dead?” The Biggest Lie Ever!

In the month of July, just before starting to pack for our summer destinations, the Culture Working Group members found time for an online discussion of a controversial title: “Multiculturalism … Continue Reading →

So CLOSE, so DIFFERENT: One week to know about us

by Sergio Recuero   In the last 4 years I have learned perfectly the dimension of the concept “so close, so different”. Europe is the perfect example of many cultures … Continue Reading →

Cultural Diversity Is Not Just for One Day: It Is for a Lifetime

By Alexandra Vilcu The 21st of May was established by the United Nations as the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. On this day, we are supposed to … Continue Reading →

North and South of Europe: A gap or just a beautiful challenge?

By Rene Keijzer Observing Cultures:  Be cool, be expressive, be both! The most common difference between people from the North and people from the South has to do with the … Continue Reading →

Role of Cultural Relations

On 2nd of March the weather was beautiful in Brussels, but what was more interesting to watch was the “Conflict Prevention and Resolution: the Role of Cultural Relations” international conference … Continue Reading →


Why The need of improving AEGEE members awareness about cultural differences, in order to strive for Peace between members of different cultural backgrounds. Project Idea Differences between people within any … Continue Reading →