AEGEE-Sofia & AEGEE-Niš: Balkan Beats

Discover the Balkans through music. That is what AEGEE-Sofia and AEGEE-Niš are proposing for their Summer University (SU) “Balkan Beats”. To find out more we did a little interview with … Continue Reading →


AEGEE-Tbilisi: Unlock Your Full Potential

Feeling excited for adventure? Do you want to discover the less visited parts of Europe?Why not visit Georgia this summer? We talked with Tinatin, Incoming Responsible, for AEGEE-Tbilisi’s “Unlock Your … Continue Reading →

tsu aegee cluj

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca & AEGEE-Sibiu: Live Green the Transylvanian Dream

  Another option for your summer is Romania. Join AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca and AEGEE-Sibiu to Live Green the Transylvanian Dream. Why, you ask? We talked to Raluca Radu from AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca to find … Continue Reading →

AEGEE-Tirane: Eagle’s Land

Have you looked through the SU options for this year? Has something caught your eye yet? How about joining AEGEE-Tirane in Eagle’s Land? Sokol Mustafallari, SU Eagles’s Land coordinator, told us … Continue Reading →


SU 2015

AEGEEans, are you ready for another cool summer? Which SUs will you sign up for? In order to make your choice easier, in the following few weeks, we will present … Continue Reading →


SU 2014

This year CWG has the pleasure of working together with 9 antenna to bring you the best SU! Choose between: AEGEE-Heraklio| AEGEE-Riga | AEGEE-Peiraias | AEGEE-Firenze & AEGEE-Foggia | AEGEE-Ploiesti | AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca & AEGEE-Sibiu | AEGEE-Bamberg & … Continue Reading →


AEGEE-Peiraias: Sea Wars “The Port strikes again!”

Between the months of July and August, Greece will never be the same: ‘Sea Wars: The Port strikes again!‘ AEGEE-Peiraias is ready to show you what being from Greece is … Continue Reading →


AEGEE-Firenze & AEGEE-Foggia “La Bella Vita”

This summer Aegee-Firenze and Aegee-Foggia are giving you the chance to make all your friends feel jealous! They will show you ‘La Bella Vita‘ as you’ll visit the heart of … Continue Reading →


AEGEE-Sofia “7 Secret Ways to Become Balkan’’

Summer is approaching and all of you are already in search for the perfect summer destination. Well, we have it here for you! Aegee-Sofia is ready to reveal the ‘7 … Continue Reading →


AEGEE-Heraklio ‘I know what you’ll do this Summer!’’

How many of you have heard about the wonderful island of Crete? Well this summer you will also have the chance to visit it thanks to AEGEE-Heraklio and the SU … Continue Reading →